10 to 16 of December

Year 2

Posted by Daniela Rato on December 16, 2021

Labelling Depth Images

Topics of the week
  • Improvement of the labelling algorithm to be faster
  • Improvement of published labelled image to give visual feedback of the labelling


  • Creation of a label dictionary that includes the coordinates of the labelled points


  • Creation of interactive marker to be used as a seed point used for the propagation algorithm


  • Including the visualization of the depth camera frustum (calculated with the pinhole model parameters) to help localize the seed point inside the image


  • Configuration of the function that creates the dataset to include the depth modality and adaption to save depth images


  • Testing in simulated and real environments with new bagfiles


  • Studying and beginning of the implementation of the objective function for the depth modality


  • Check inconsistencies in calibration results with real data
  • Adapt ATOM to calibrate RGBD sensors.
  • Improve calibration pattern support to improve the depth images
  • Define solution to calibrate depth images
  • Define solution to allow the robot to move the calibration pattern (robot assisted)
  • Calibrate a system that includes a depth sensor


Add depth component to ATOM's framework - open

Create conversion script for dataset version 2 - open

Chessboard support - documentation

(opened but not this week's work)

Change resolution of astra camera to SXGA or XGA - open

Reduce camera frame rate in real time - open