22 to 28 of October

Year 2

Posted by Daniela Rato on October 28, 2021

Resubmission of paper, visit to company, rails mounting and calibration with 3 LiDARs

This week's progress:

  • Resubmission of submitted paper, including the comments of the reviewers
  • Visit to Bosch to access possible study cases in the context of the project
  • Mounting the rails in the LarcCell structure to organize cabling. Also repositioning of sensors to cover more cell volume.
  • Calibration of a subsystem of LarcCell with 3 LiDARs and one camera with the real setup. The results were not the best, but I believe the problem was the "bad quality" of the rosbag: inconsistent movements, not long enough pauses that allow for a steady movement... I believe the support for the calibration pattern will solve most of these problems.


  • Check inconsistencies in calibration results with real data
  • Check solution to hold the calibration pattern
  • Calibration of simulated system with 3 lidars and 1 camera
  • Adapt ATOM to calibrate RGBD sensors. I think this should be my next line of work while waiting for new computer.


(opened but not this week's work)

calibration in simulation mode - open

calibration with real hardware - open

Change resolution of astra camera to SXGA or XGA - open

reduce camera frame rate in real time - open