8 to 14 of October

Year 2

Posted by Daniela Rato on October 7, 2021

Addition of 3rd LiDAR to calibration setup

This week's progress:

  • Solving problems associated with the simulated environment, caused by ROS updates
  • Adaptation of the physical setup to include a third LiDAR
  • Brainstorming to create a support able to hold the chessboard
  • Recording of rosbag with real data - 3lidars and 1cam
  • Trying to solve problems caused by overload when collecting collections
  • Try to change frame rate of Astra Pro. Changing frame rate, changing the video mode and changing the resolution kills the RGB node. Data skip flag in driver doesn't work.
  • Adaptation of ATOM to have an option to throttle topics


  • Check inconsistencies in calibration results with real data
  • Finish topic throttle adaption
  • Change ATOM's collector to a more robust solution


calibration in simulation mode - open

calibration with real hardware - open

Change resolution of astra camera to SXGA or XGA - open

collect data not working well - open

reduce camera frame rate in real time - open

Throttle topics to reduce frame rate - open

Adding functionality to throttle topics - open